Autonomous Vehicles 101 Education for Yuma City and Surrounding Towns

 June 12th, 2019

 8:30 am - 12:30 pm
      Council Chambers
     Yuma City Hall
     One City Plaza
          Yuma, Arizona 85364   

Join your regional colleagues at a half-day seminar exploring the key aspects of the Autonomous Vehicle Economy and the infrastructure and policy changes that Yuma City are making with the Siemens-anyCOMM project to help the region prepare for self-driving technologies. 


Seminar Speakers

  • Matthew Clark, Director Of Government Relations at Arizona Department of Transportation and former Policy Advisor on Transportation and Local Governments, Office of Arizona Governor Doug Ducey 
  • Jeffrey Kramer, City of Yuma City Engineer
  • Dale NeefTechnology and Economics Writer and Founder of DNA Solutions
  • Ricky Rinehart, Director of Strategic Initiatives, City of Yuma
  • Paul Ward, Executive Director of the Yuma Metropolitan Planning Organization 

Learn About and Discuss

  • The Changing Nature of Transportation - Shared, Electric, Connected and Autonomous
  • The AV Situation in Arizona: The View from ADOT and the Governor's Office
  • The Implications of the AV Economy for Yuma City and Towns in Yuma County
  • How the Siemens-anyCOMM project can underpin an Autonomous Vehicle-Supportive Infrastructure
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Who Should Attend?

  • Mayors and City Council members
  • Town Managers, Financial Officers and Administrators
  • Planners and Economic Development officers
  • Community Development Directors and City Engineers
  • Communications/Public Affairs Directors
  • Information Technology Directors
  • Council of Government (COG) and Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) members 
 …from Yuma City, Yuma County and towns and rural communities in the Phoenix-San Diego corridor